Windsor Presbyterian Church

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Vision and Values

We are a Church seeking to live and serve out of a place of balance. That balance is established and worked upon in the presence of God Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Our Shared values as proposed by the leadership team are: liquore di cipro

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  1. Faith: The leadership is committed to expressing Faith. This is holding the belief that Gods desire is to act through Windsor Presbyterian Church. avodart vs. propecia for hair loss
  2. Grace: The leadership is committed to expressing Grace.  This is based on accepting each individual the way they are, being tolerant and showing respect. cold sore treatment zovirax
  3. Love: The leadership is committed to expressing Love.  This is an activity towards people that can be expressed by generosity and hospitality. lasix 500 sanofi
  4. Relationship: The leadership is committed to developing Relationships.  This is a deeper level of knowing the people in our community, understanding their needs and desires. viagra commercial football jersey
  5. Action: The leadership is committed to Action.  This is a proactive pursuit towards planting and watering the seed they believe has been given to them. going off zoloft and weight loss

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Our vision for Windsor is one that seeks to break down borders between people in our community and beyond. We are seeking ways to see socio-economic, cultural, ethnic and political boarders lowered and taken away. We believe that Jesus Kingdom is one without borders and so we try to live out our lives with that hope. zoloft increase side effects

The story below is written in the form of an article and represents the beginnings of a dream for a new work beginning in 2013,  it is however only the introduction. levitra cialis viagra vergleich

The Story of Windsor is not completed and we need you the reader of this piece to lend your thoughts, creativity, vision and presence to developing and making a dream possible. cialis canada over the counter

Belfast Telegraph April 2018- He is Risen Indeed

It has been a big day at Windsor with the First Minister of the Northern Ireland executive visiting and inspecting the newly developed facilities sited on their beautiful Lisburn Road location. beta blockers online pharmacy

This celebration day underlines Windsor’s impact on its surrounding area and its growing influence in tacking the causes of division and pain in our community. The Church has adopted a novel approach to worship with Monday mornings being prioritised as strongly as Sunday mornings, and this  24/7 approach has enabled people who would never normally have come into contact with Church finding themselves caught up in the work of these Action centred activists. accutane purchase canada

The First Minister was meeting local community groups who have found a home and resource in Windsor, these groups range from community forums through to those dealing with domestic abuse and drug addiction. Although Windsor is un-ashamedly Christian in its ethos, and a few minutes perusing the artwork and sculptures dotted around the site leave you knowing the underlying Jesus base, a diverse people group have found a place to connect and establish themselves into the south Belfast locality. The Churches’ website operates as community notice board as well giving a colourful introduction to Belfast valor comercial del viagra en chile

One of the most astounding aspects of the work at Windsor is the level of cooperation with the neighbouring churches, the combined action of these families of faith has seen crime and overall poverty levels cut from the high of 15% in 2013 to below 10% today. The counselling service running out of Windsor has been instrumental in this, equipping local people to reassert control in their lives. hospital pharmacy management in canada

The Church itself has found itself representing more and more closely the demography of the surrounding area which has an average age of 24 years, an important priority is placed on the older generation, many of whom are in there eighties, these octogenarians and beyond, provide a stability and resource of wisdom and encouragement that make the whole project possible. It is truly a multicultural group with as many as 40 nationalities represented any given Sunday. A high emphasis is placed on quality of worship all fitting the motto of ‘excellence without extravagance’. cystic acne treatment doxycycline

One of the most difficult groups to reach and integrate into any community are teenagers, this group has been given special attention with space set aside for their use as well as drawing out their energy and talents into service projects. Teenage groups take on responsibility in caring for local residents, helping with gardens and shopping as well as joining in traveling overseas to serve on partner projects like the ‘Shield’ foundation in Romania. polycystic ovarian syndrome metformin weight loss

The Kirk Session in participating in this article wish the readers and community to pray for the on-going work of Windsor as they break down the boarders that have defined the Lisburn Road in this generation, they wish to reassure all that the local Church stands by them. It seems that Jesus Is Risen Indeed! viagra generico costo in farmacia

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